Two Sisters / Two Cooks

My last commissioned work two sisters /cooks. I am also working on their website, it should be online within a month. Stay tuned!

The poetry of Cambodian’s gestures and postures

This is one of the last pictures I took in Cambodia and it sums up all my fascination for Cambodian people’s gestures and postures. In their way of being, I have often been mesmerized by their ability to convey a mix of delicacy, strength and balance. #khmer #body #language

2 years in Cambodia

Hard to believe it’s already time for me to leave Cambodia. I am thinking about my first day here and it seems like yesterday: the heat striking me the first moments out of the plane, the smell of the streets, the overwhelming traffic with huges cars, motorbikes and tuk-tuks, the first words I heard in khmer, the first faces I saw… And also what I was feeling inside: that constant state of amazement observing people, buildings, sidewalks. Almost two years have gone and Cambodia (not to say South East Asia) has brought so many new pieces to the puzzle of …

Meeting Catherine Deneuve and his majesty, King Sihamoni of Cambodia.

I had the honour to photograph French screen icon Catherine Deneuve meeting his majesty King of Cambodia, Norodom Sihamoni. For the record, Catherine Deneuve said 4 lovely words to me that I will never forget: “Stop taking pictures now”. I will think about it Ms Deneuve, I promise! When she told me that, I had been taking pictures for a minute but for the last 2 hours many photographers had been sniping her, so I kind of understand her. The happy ending is that I saw her two days later and we offered her the print of this picture and …